2018 BICA Election Committee Report


The Election Committee of the Browning Island Cottagers Association has sent questionnaires to the Bracebridge candidates for the upcoming election and has reviewed the responses. Most candidates were talked to by telephone or in person.

MLA and Friends of Muskoka were consulted.

While candidates are aware of cottagers issues our conclusion based on the results of our study are that the following candidates will best look after BICA interests :


Graydon Smith

District Councillors 

Don Smith

Rick Maloney

Steven Clement

Monck Ward Councillor 

Michael Gooch

Other Ward Responses

Bracebridge Ward Councillor Kimberly Hayes-Rogers

McCauley Ward Councillor Tom Young

The above were judged to be aware of and responsive to BICA issues. 

These are suggestions. Some not suggested candidates may be possible and you may wish to consult their websites for information. Copies of the questionnaire responses are available from Janet Selby janetselby@outlook.com or Ian Robinson irobinson@imacroinc.com.

The election is from Oct 12-22 and can be carried out on the internet https://www.intvoting.com/Bracebridge2018/ or by telephone 1-866-756-6163.

**PLEASE NOTE:  The above selections are the recommendations of our BICA Election Committee and are offered to assist in your choices at election time.  We encourage each of you to do your own personal research about the candidates and vote responsibly.  Most importantly ... VOTE!!!!

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